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80 Coleridge St Sydenham ChCh 8023  

Between Gasson and Brisbane Streets ( down the driveway next to Dynamite signs )

Any enquiries please phone 021 328896

 Charbon draws from vintage French industrial furniture for inspiration and is crafted from wood and steel as were the original pieces. The collection is imbued with the utilitarian spirit of the manufacturing industries of the early 20th century. The furniture reminds us of the factories and workshops where the futurist dreams of the industrial age were forged.

Charbon brings our much loved sense of the casual to any interior.
A steel sideboard paired with a French gilt mirror , simple metal cafe chairs placed around an antique table or perhaps a steel locker housing the sound system or pantry.  

The modern interior should carry the tattoo of history with pride whilst gazing confidently into the future. The raw and rustic charm of this furniture sits assuredly in a modern setting. Charbon adds warmth and authenticity to your home as the old aesthetics of the industrial age segue with elegant ease into the new.