Haunt Antiques - Philosophy

"Haunt is my expression of a lifelong passion for the antique and its vital contemporary resonance."


I believe that to be surrounded by meaningful objects chosen with care and passion elevates our daily existence and adds aesthetic authenticity to our home environment. Our furnishings should pique the imagination, engender curiosity, engage our sense of humour and nurture our wonder in life and the world that surrounds us. Our choices should denote who we are as individuals. This may mean choosing a piece from a particular time period that we feel some affinity for,


adding an item to an already treasured collection or simply knowing unequivocally that an object belongs in our home.

I delight in finding antique and vintage pieces that are unique, beautiful and sincere .The collection at Haunt is chosen with feeling for the lived history of things and with the intention of protecting their integrity and inherent personality. The pieces are offered for sale with the hope that each will find a safe, appropriate and custodial niche in our modern world.                                                                                      Lisa West

Lisa West